Arizona Governor Doug Ducey gave an update on the state’s vote counting process and totals Monday, stressing the importance of getting to the end before making any determinations about a winner.

“In Arizona, we are still counting the votes, with roughly 75,000 to 80,000 left. Our expectation is that we finish counting,” Ducey released in a statement. “We’ve been through this drill before in Arizona. Making it easy to vote and hard to cheat has also resulted in time consuming efforts to ensure the integrity of our elections. We’ve already seen the outcome of races change to a dramatic degree, and some results remain unclear.”

“The President, just like any other candidate, has the right to all available legal challenges and remedies, and we are confident they will be properly adjudicated. We will respect the election results,” he continued.

President Trump and his campaign are confident that when all of the votes in the Grand Canyon State are counted, he will have won it. The campaign has also taken legal action after reported irregularities in the state.

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  • pauletteT says:

    how can they call an election before all the votes were counted, and before the military votes came in.

  • james moore says:

    VOTER FRAUD nationwide if this link is accurate. There’s no way this many died @ election 2020
    ECHOVITA.COM search U.S

  • Tracy Michelle Hargett says:

    Well at least the governor is not being a douchebag.