A county-wide glitch this morning in heavily Republican Spalding County in Georgia caused voting machines to go down for hours before the issue was resolved shortly before 10 a.m.

“The computers at all polling locations across Spalding County are down,” the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

“The problem is being worked on and hopefully will be resolved quickly. Until the issue is fixed, paper ballots are being used at all locations.”

The error was traced back to workers in Spalding County who incorrectly loaded information onto the poll pads Tuesday morning, WSB-TV reported.

Provisional ballots were rushed to each precinct so voting could continue, but some voters chose to come back later in the day.

“Spalding County Elections Supervisor Marcia Ridley urged everyone to be patient and assured voters that they will be able to cast their ballots,” WSB-TV reported.

There are currently no plans for the Georgia polling locations to stay open past 7 p.m. unless there is a court order.

Anyone who is in line by 7 p.m. will be allowed to cast their ballot.

WGCL-TV reporter Rob Hughes said that earlier in the day, machines were down at some locations while machines were working at others.

Spalding County is a largely Republican-leaning county with 15,636 votes cast for President Donald Trump in 2016, according to Politico.

In 2016, 60.3 percent of Spalding County voters chose Trump and 36 percent of voters chose Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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  • R.R.B. says:

    I can say that I believe the Democrats will do everything they can to win. They have far too much to lose if they don’t. And power in D.C
    is just one of those things.

  • Victoria says:

    I’m not an American, but I can’t help but I’m very sad to think that Biden is winning the presidency. Good-bye, free world. China is back. And America will depend on the Arab oil again. I guess GOD has His way of telling Pres Trump to take a rest. He has done so much to protect the country. Time for him to rest, let GOD do the rest. The joyful evil liberal media, the anti and never Trumpers will be celebrating now. But America will soon again In the doldrums. GOD is in control.