On Wednesday, a significant error was discovered that could affect the results of the presidential election in Arizona: Edison Research data, which major news organizations including The New York Times utilize to report voting results, reported that 98% of precincts in Arizona had been counted when in fact only 86% had been counted.

New York Times editor Patrick LaForge tweeted, “An error was found in the data feed from Edison Research (used by @nytimes and other news organizations) for Arizona results – 86 percent of ballots have ben counted, not 98%. NYT has not called the state for Biden, though he still leads.”

Asked what percent of the remaining ballots are mail-in and what percent were cast on election day, Laforge responded, “According to the link, 100 percent of the absentee ballots were already counted, but I think I’d wait for the data outlet to fix its data before taking that to the bank. Arizona is just waking up (time difference) and presumably officials there will be clarifying matters today.”

“According to the Times, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has won 51 percent of the vote compared to President Trump’s 47.6 percent. More than 2.7 million votes have been reported,” The Hill noted.

The Daily Wire reported that after Fox News called the Arizona race for Biden, GOP governor Doug Ducey was furious:

Outrage erupted online late on Tuesday night after Fox News called the presidential race in Arizona for Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, a call that many believed was too early and ultimately led to a response from the state’s governor.

Governor Doug Ducey, without specifically naming the network, responded to the call that Biden had won the state, which had not been reported yet by the other networks.

“It’s far too early to call the election in Arizona,” Ducey wrote. “Election Day votes are not fully reported, and we haven’t even started to count early ballots dropped off at the polls. In AZ, we protected Election Day. Let’s count the votes — all the votes — before making declarations.”

National Journal editor-in-chief Jeff DuFour noted: “This gives some credence to the Trump camp’s argument in a call with reporters that it expects to pull ahead in Arizona, because most of the outstanding vote is in Trump-friendly territory.”

This is an excerpt from The Daily Wire. For the full version, click here.

  • Earl biddle says:

    Dems are crooked.

  • Philly says:

    How can Biden stay in his basement and never go out like Trump and rally and still is close to winning the election. Well, I read that his lawyers were going from state to state and having the rules changed. This entire election is a fraud. They can’t even call it right in Arizona. I don’t want to hear these states complain they don’t have a job due to fracking. First Biden says he is going to do fracking in Pennsylvania, Ohio, I can’t remember the third state. He changes his mind and says he is not going to frack. I don’t believe him. He changed his mind so he could get the votes. He is nothing a lying cheat all his life. We will never know what American looked like again. The democrats are lying to the American people. The people are voting for Biden, but Harris will be President. Pelosi make sure of it. Biden can’t remember yesterday how she he going to remember tomorrow. The media is behind all this also. They sure were wrong about the polls. I don’t believe in polls. What do they do look in their crystal ball. We not longer have good journalist. The Dems are not for the people. The Republicans are. I would never, ever vote for a democrat. I am thoroughly disgusted.

  • mark Hamler says:

    there are reports that all official ballets were marked with a special ink that could only be seen under a special machine. This was done to catch those who wanted to undermine the election. Yet they had to wait until after all ballets where counted in order to catch those people in the act.