A video said to be from Chicago shows a man, shouting “f-ck Trump” brutally attacking a woman outside of her burning car while her husband is inside.

The burning car is rammed by another vehicle as a man chokes on the smoke inside.

The video began going viral on Wednesday morning, but the origins are currently unclear.

As the woman is brutally attacked, she pleads with the assailant saying that she just wants to help her husband.

“The camera then pans to a vehicle lit on fire and moments later, a vehicle driven by other assailants crashes into it. The man taking the video approaches the car and the man inside can be heard saying ‘I don’t know you!’ The man appears disoriented from the collision,” Nationalist Review reports.

Multiple accounts that have tweeted the video have been suspended after they gain huge numbers of viewers.

Warning: The video contains strong language, and disturbing content.


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  • Daniel Doehring says:

    This is bidens America