Reps for President Trump’s reelection campaign and GOP pundits wasted no time ginning up outrage Friday after Joe Biden attacked a group of Trump supporters honking their car horns in protest during his Minnesota rally as “ugly folks.”

“Joe Biden’s staffer who tweets for him tweets about “decency” all the time. Yet when Biden speaks, he regularly insults Trump supporters,” said GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest in a tweet. “Last week, Biden called Trump supporters “chumps,” now, he calls us “ugly folks.” Spare us the moral preening, Joe!”

Trump campaign director of press communications Erin Perrine added that “I’d rather be Team Ugly Folks than an anti-vaxxer” — a likely reference to many Democrats public suspicions of a potential COVID-19 vaccine that emerges during the Trump administration.

“Deplorables. Irredeemables. Ugly folks. Remember, Joe’s The “decency” candidate,” added Fox News primetime host Laura Ingraham.

The “ugly folks” video was also widely disseminated by Team Trump on Twitter with appearances on the official accounts for Trump War Room and RNC Research.


This is an excerpt from the New York Post. For the full version, click here.

  • Larry says:

    I like the name “Plugs ” for your hairstyle.

  • mel says:

    We may be ugly, but we know who to vote for…..Donald save America!!

  • Linda Williams says:

    ugly, smelly, deplorable, irredeemable…but…but…he’s going to treat those who don’t vote for him with respect….yeah, ok