In what should have been a festive day for Biden supporters quickly turned violent at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin. A man at a Biden-Harris gathering brutally assaulted another rally-goer on Saturday, only hours after several media outlets declared that Joe Biden had won the 2020 presidential election.

The event featured Black Lives Matter flags flying as well as people holding signs that said: “Biden-Harris” and “Socialists believe black lives matter.” At one point, a man with a blue shirt becomes agitated about an alleged missing phone.

“I dropped my phone,” the man yells. “Get my phone. It was right there.”

The man looks away and then viciously sucker-punches the person standing in front of him who didn’t appear to instigate the violence and didn’t appear to retaliate. The man lands several punches on the face of the person in front of him, as seen in the video taken by photojournalist Rebecca Brannon.

A police officer is standing in close proximity of the fight and quickly breaks up the brouhaha. The assailant runs away and is dragged to the ground by another man at the Biden-Harris rally. Police surround the attacker.

“Black people just made history today and you want to be f***ing ignorant,” a man screamed on a megaphone. “You want to bring the place down. F*** you!”

Warning: The following video contains graphic content.

This is an excerpt from TheBlaze. For the full version, click here.

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  • Noel says:

    Hopefully, it gets worse for Biden and his Chinese loving followers

  • Deplorable4Ever says:

    Oh, this is fun……Watching Biden supporters/BLM fight each other. Nothing like eating their own……..Get me some popcorn!