Joe Biden spoke before a “rally” of dozens of empty cars — and he wasn’t even there.

Perhaps the most sinister part of this is that the media was there, covering this, and none of the networks or journalists in attendance have called them out.

Biden did not appear on stage, instead, blasting his disingenuous speech onto the screens of this “rally” that was filled with perfectly placed red, white and blue Jeeps.

The podium on the stage was clearly empty and entirely different from the one he spoke behind.

The vehicles appear to be the same ones that have been set up at the venue for days.

This is an excerpt from The Gateway Pundit. For the full version, click here.

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  • Anniel says:

    I would recommend Trump’s team go scorched earth and publicly release each and every damning spec of Hunter’s laptop. Every photo of underaged children – just block out their faces. Show him in all his glory. Publicize the shots of him sleeping with the crack pipe in his mouth. Show the texts and emails where he tells the kids that he has to give Grandpa half of everything he earns. Drip drip drip drip drip while we work on getting the lawsuits settled.

  • Paul says:

    Staged event? Just like his campaign? Just like a fair and honest election? Like fair and balanced media? It’s all staged. Imagine what happens now that they have half of america (although most of that half hates the country) thinking Biden won and recounts and full voting audits show Trump actually won to start with. What happens when all those winners find out they are losers? Prepare for more riots, of the like we haven’t seen yet. And Biden’s people caused it. All of it. Unless they get away with it of course.

  • justaguy says:

    Maybe it’s just me but this is so creepy. It’s like being in a world where things seem surreal almost like the TWILIGHT ZONE, TOTALLY BIZARRE !