Newt Gingrich did not hold back at all, stating that this was a corrupt race, adding that Democrats stole five of six states. The legal fight should carry on, and rightfully so.

There are reports about scores of ballots in Georgia that have been flagged over change of address issues. It seems there’s a lot of funny business going on which is why the Department of Justice is throwing its weight concerning looking into these allegations. That’s not to say this will flip some states, but it could toss some fraudulent ballots, chip away at Biden’s lead, and make 2020 a whole new ballgame.

But what about the claims that of this election being stolen, which host Jedidiah Bila pressed Gingrich on to clarify. The former House Speaker had the perfect response:

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, it’s a nice sentiment. First, you go out and the Democrats steal five or six states, and that’s what Republicans believe we’re watching. We think we have evidence of a lot of it. Then you turn around and you say let’s forget four years of Nancy Pelosi, let’s forgot four years ago of impeachment, harassment, opposition, hostility, hatred, and now that I’ve won, why don’t we make nice together?

I think he would have to do a lot to convince Republicans that this is anything except a left-wing power grab, financed by people like George Soros, deeply laid in at the local level, and, frankly, I think that it is a corrupt, stolen election. It’s very hard for me to understand how we’re going to work together without some very, very big steps by Biden. And I have — I have doubts if the left-wing of his party would tolerate him genuinely trying to work with Republicans.

JEDIDIAH BILA: Yeah, Newt. No, I just want to ask you for clarity, because the accusation of incidents of voter fraud, which do happen in every election, unfortunately, is very different from the accusation of a stolen election. That’s very serious. The implication here is that there’s enough widespread voter fraud going on that would have changed the outcome of the election. I haven’t seen evidence of that to this moment. Is that what you’re suggesting has happened here?

GINGRICH: What I’m suggesting is you don’t see the evidence because the local officials who are Democrats hide the evidence and then turn to you and say, “Since you have no evidence.” So they say, “Oh, we let the poll watchers in the building.” That’s right. But they kept them far enough away they couldn’t see anything. And I think I can show you case after case, it happened magically at almost exactly the same moment on election night that a series of key states quit counting, almost as though they were coordinating what they were doing.


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  • Susan says:

    Yes to every one but Obama being on the SC. Absolutely NO on that one. Dems cheated and Trump won but they can’t stand losing 2 years of power so they had to cheat in their feeble minds.

  • Lisa says:

    Go Newt! You tell em! And now we need to show em! The fraud was obvious before the election began. Dems filed law suits before the election to allow voter fraud, we all knew this was going to happen, now they want to complain when Rep file against voter fraud! Typical. NO, we can’t be friends! NO, Biden we can’t work with you to tear down this country and give it to your friend China!

  • Daniel Doehring says:

    The President should never give up . We the people were robbed .