Video from New York City shows a female protester spitting in a police officer’s face after screaming obscenities at him. The officer arrested the woman after she appeared to assault him by spitting in his face.

A video tweeted by New York Post reporters Elizabeth Meryl Rosner shows police officers facing off with a group of protesters during an incident on Wednesday night in New York City. One of the officers is seen standing in front of a woman who begins screaming in his face.

“Are you ready to f*cking die for this?” she screams at the officer as the camera moves into audio range. “F*ck you, fascist,” the woman shouts while moving directly into the officer’s face.

Officials later identified the woman as 24-year-old Devina Singh, the New York Post reported.

She back up for a second and then lunges back into the officer’s face, again shouting, “Fuck you, fascist.”

As the officer attempts to pull his COVID-19 protective mask over his nose, Singh lunges forward again spitting directly into the officer’s face.

She again retreats to the wall. After a brief pause, the officer grabs Singh and puts her on the ground. He places her under arrest, presumably for assaulting a police officer.

Other officers move bicycles into position to protect the officer while he makes the arrest.

Sixty people were arrested, including Singh, who was charged with obstruction of governmental administration, violation of local law and harassment.
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  • Citizen says:

    How f’ing ironic! These Marxist people want the removal of authority yet they vote for the leftist Demoncrats that are only about elitist power/authority over their subjects. Go figure!

  • Stan D. says:

    Since the advent of aids and exacerbated since by multiple other diseases and viruses, including Covid 19, spitting in someone’s face is the equivalent of assault with a deadly weapon. Thus………the officer should have shot her!